A. Rekunenko

The Christ has said in the Gospel: And whosoever speaketh a word against God the Father and God the Son, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him! The Holy Ghost principle in the Trinity is the feminine and maternal principle which overshadows the Father and the Son. The feminine principle both in the Universe and on our planet being the specific and root principle which brings forth and gives birth keeps the code of one or another species (level) in the evolutionary system. The Christ has marvelously recognized in Mary Magdalene the similar species of Spirit incarnated in a feminine body. The powerful energy of the lower centers which dominate in women resided in her in full measure. The wrong experience gained at the pre-Christ stage of her life, her horizontal orientation and the ignorance of those around all of them together have created the well-known distortions in her. But it was her most unique gift, her ability to love to love spiritually in the fullness of the relations with her beloved one, her ability to prevision the Spirit and the Soul in him, and to die in them completely that the Christ has diagnosed in her whom we call Magdalene. How that spiritual foresight, that spiritual recognition of the similarity of two entities, occurs? In case of the Savior and Magdalene the moment of energy contact according to the divine intent should have been looked like decoding a higher Principle of consciousness in them with the following recognition of divinity in each other. The Apocryphal Gospel according to Magdalene contains deepest initiatory mysteries as to the soul salvation mystery, particularly an interpretation of the biblical story of the Fall and the essential understanding of Adam and Eve relationship coding. They seem two complementary principles in the universe, the man being an organizer of the work of the higher centers (beginning from the heart, and higher). The woman is a custodian of the family and the species which gives it birth and continuity, starting with the animal level of consciousness and ending with the levels of comprehension inherent to the Mother of God and the Christ. It is not by chance that a Great Spirit incarnated in Magdalene has done so much for the Christs sake, and, as a result, she has been proclaimed Equal-to-the Apostles.

The Holy Ghost whose projection is the Mother of God who gives birth to the Christ governs Russia through her. Universality and internationalism is a characteristic feature of our people, of its spirituality and mentality. All of them are the qualities of the third person of the Living and Original Trinity (or the God Brahma according to the Hindu tradition of the triune Deity). In occultism this nature is called the three rays of the Trinity. Its functions consist in a creative and protective activity. From the esoteric viewpoint, the dove of peace which the Old Testament book of Genesis tells about is really a Female pigeon. According to the Orthodox iconographic tradition, she hovers over the symbol of the Earth the orb held by God the Father, or Sabaoth, and the son, or the Christ, forming a New Testament trinity canon. From the mysterial viewpoint, the birth of the Female pigeon itself from a cocoon of matter Earth is shown here like a butterfly flits out of a chrysalis. From the astrological viewpoint, this moment is connected with the Leo constellation in many respects. Let us remember the XIIth chapter of the Revelation which tells us about a woman clothed with the sun, i.e. about the Mother of God. As we know, Sun is the ruler of the sign Leo. Russia is ruled by Leo-Aquarius, thats why it is connected with the Holy Ghost Leo the Mother of God line. Remembering the prophecy that whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, we may hope that damning all that is most holy in our country which it did endure on its way full of unbelievable sufferings will make all its internal and external swearers answer three times as much for it. Daniel Andreev in his book The Rose of the World tells about a Universal Entity which incarnates the principle of Eternal Womanhood Zventa-Sventana, i.e. the Mother of God principle in cosmos. He tells about a higher feminine principle as that which inspires and directs the whole humankind. Let us remember those who have been called Muses and who have inspired, or inspirited, the world creators and authors of scientific discoveries throughout the ages. As for the theme of feminine missions which play the role of the overshadowing muses and overshadow the mans mind and intuition, we should better demonstrate it with historical examples. In case of creative couples, some great spiritual women could have been such divine directresses. If they were inaccessible we can speak about women as ideals which due to mens reverence for them have meditatively sent the needed inspiration producing successful meditation. Technically it looks like penetration of consciousness into the energy realms where intuition itself, even grace, dwells. Looking upon the great mystics and saints we see that each of these men had his woman and tutoress in Spirit. Socrates had her in the person of Sage Diatima, Ramakrishna in the person of Bhairavi, the queen Tamar was the spiritual tutoress of Shota Rustaveli. And we can proceed with this list.

The great Russian holy hermits Sergius of Radonezh and Seraphim of Sarov due to many visions and prayers to the Mother of God were under the overshadowing patronage of a Higher Feminine Entity.

When the holy initiated men had their women as tutoresses the mechanism of the spiritual birth of God was the following: she always was the ladder of celestial ascension (let us remember the icons of the burning Bush), she had a higher gift and ability to meditatively ascend (because she was the Female pigeon) into the God the Fathers realms, or levels, of Spirit, thus uniting the energy centers in the man and their higher constituents in the subtle bodies, i.e. the Monad, or the Father in heaven. The history of evolution has such examples in great Missions of Savior of humanity and founders of the world religions.

In case of creative unions of artists and women as muses, when she inspires him often spontaneously she instinctively unites his centers with a higher energy foreseeing and loving this potential in her chosen one. As for him, he mostly does not recognize that which takes place, i.e. the wonder of his new birth on a higher level; he is busy with the process of materialization, incarnation. Thus, masterpieces appear.

To sum up and synthesize, we affirm that the feminine principle is destined to give birth to give birth not only physically but mainly emotionally, mentally and spiritually to man on the subtle material planes into the life more abundantly, or the Eternal Life, as does the Mother of God. Only the forms of this begetting function differ. There can also be negative and evil children children as thoughtforms in men, figuratively speaking. We know that, in fact, most of wars or crimes have been initiated (negatively inspired) by an evil ghost through women who have given birth to a dark principle by the method of making men vainglorious. Let us remember at least Macbeth by Shakespeare. In such a case both the woman and the man are born into death and hell.

The world today is on the cross-road. What will the women choose? What principle? Will the Mother of Gods principle or the Duggurs principle win? Here is the root of all our planetary problems. But we do have a hope as a prophesy says that during the second coming the Christ will come without enemies, through the Mother of God! This prophesy has a greatest mystery in it, that of a possible victory over the world evil when the Christ will be born not only as a Savior of humanity but also as a Custodian a VICTOR who is not to be crucified. It is only when the Mother of God will call Him very intensively as a possessor of that quality that the Birth, the Salvation and the Resurrection of the new order will tale place!