A. Rekunenko

The first thing we should begin with is that in the USSR has taken place reincarnation of a group of hierarchical disciples under the leadership of a Leading Initiate Lyudmila Reznik. They are reincarnated co-workers, members of the Theosophical Society, who were English people, Americans and Hindus in past incarnations, whose names were well known in the circles close to the occult ones. Now they work in our country carrying out the Hierarchical Plan in some directions. L. Reznik has registered its highest aspects and results of the Spirits work in the books from the series "Revelation of Mystery".

The album Theurgical Art in the Epoch of the New Coming is an illustrative and elucidatory guide, a visual diary of the stages of Mystery where Evidences of the wonderful externalization of the Hierarchy are magically anchored.

Many disciples, including A. Rekunenko, as very old followers and members of different hierarchical Ashrams, have resumed their contacts with the Mahatmas at certain stages of their Life of Service. Their vocational equipment and their initiatory faculty have been used in this country and at this stage of the Mysterial unfoldment of the race.

Externalization of the Hierarchical Plan needs some forms of magical anchoring upon the dense plane. The theurgical art is one of such forms of anchoring. That is why one of the disciples and servants has been equipped with some forms of vocational skill before his reincarnation, so that they could be used by the Hierarchy to evidence its work and to show the stages of the Mystery.

It is accumulation of unique material documentary proofs (or, as Christians say, bringing the "Fruit of the Spirit of Life"). Their purpose is a starting point for continuous movement towards reunification of the Hierarchy and humanity in a united center of the Will of God. It is a long-term outlook which must be put into effect on this planet in the form of absolute Victory of God. Meanwhile it is a chronicle of the Masters work and a support for those who will follow.

Of course, our most intimate curator is and was a Master of Wisdom Djwhal Khul. The lion's share of unrecognized as to their personified source Revelations comes from Him (as a later analysis and intuitive vision show).

A picture of D.K. in the album is an attempt to show Him as He was when He has appeared for the first time in a dream vision and showed a book illustrating the stages of group Initiation. It was the first clear hint as the future service of the mysterial painter. A Master of Compassion and Chohan K.H. has appeared in a most gentle light of a blue cloud (it is the main code of His specific appearance connected with the Jupiter energies, and a code an initiatory code of the organ).

The Mahatma M. decided to give a sign in such a way that there were no doubts as to His identity: his well-known portrait in a turban has appeared (materialized in the room) and simply got into his face, and the eyes on the portrait fused with His eyes.

I do not tell here about the indications made by these Mahatmas which were the main purpose of their "visits". I only mention the specific mises en scene chosen by them for their appearance.

Etheric meetings, i.e. those in the waking consciousness (in reality) have alternated with astral (predominant) ones, i.e. appearances in a dream. The second kind is more preferable for the Masters as resulting in lower energy inputs. Those who think that appearances in a dream may be doubtful and thus unauthentic should know all the above said. It is a wrong idea.

The Master Mahasahib Serapis used to give most valuable hints and indications as to esoteric approaches to mysterial art, of which the main is to keep pace with the course of the sun and planets, i.e. of the changing cosmic programs reality. It is that course, or Evolution which is the sought secret of continuity of the Life of Spirit, the Secret of Immortality. His face is phenomenal. Of course, I only managed to convey a scintilla of astuteness and power of the Solar Spirit of that Chohan.

The question of the Bodhisattvas face remains continually fluid and changing because of shift of those cosmic programs. He is Different every minute and second!

That Initiatory Secret and Its Spiritual recognition is the purpose of our development in the esoteric sphere. Such are naturally all the Masters; He is just their Master and the first from the sons of man, that is why we speak about Him most of all.

A very important feature of His Face should be pointed out, namely His unusual "Diamond" Eyes shining as if they permeate the whole Soul; it is the most characteristic feature of His individuality. It is as unique as a note that characterizes Him in all the spaces, in all the Worlds

As for the Mahachohan, He is also unique but His picture is yet to be made.

The Buddhas portrait is conditional enough as He often used one of the transforms known only to us, the disciples. That is why his face, though being based on it, is in a measure creatively enriched within the limits of our knowledge. That is why only some features have been preserved, nevertheless they are fully recognizable.

Sanat Kumara. This case is the most conditional, the most fluid and the most esoteric, boundless It is not possible to say more Everything here is a secret; everything here is incomprehensibility and ecstasy!