A. Rekunenko

Today a SPIRITUAL PROJECT (as a part of the evolutionary plan for humanity) on creating a new type of icon as an energy psi-resonator is being carried out. This project follows the Revelation of Mystery – the third stage of work – for spiritualizing Sons of Men who are ready to acceptance of the New Energies of Aquarius and to further development of the Highest Soul and Spiritual Natures in the human Kingdom.

Lyudmila Yakovlevna Reznik has been elected to write a series of books inspired by Mahatmas and growing out of her experience in connection with Mysteries for more than 40 years. This experience is stated in her great and selfless work which is a documentary description of the development of the Atmic and Buddhic nature of man, as a participant in the Mystery of Initiation, and its impact on a group of disciples. «Revelation of Mystery» is the name of that series of books. The author of these words owes her Spiritual birth to that group organism of the Mother of Spirit.

A so-called occult drawing – as an attempt to show contacts with the aura and the vibration of the Master through a reconstruction of an energy image – has become a sideline of Service to the Plan of the Hierarchy, or the Kingdom of God, for all members of the group organism.

Here there is an attempt to reconstruct vibrations by the method of a meditative ascension into the zone, or on the level, of energy where a meeting with a Higher Entity has taken place. As a rule, these contacts train and transform the disciple himself. In our case, the whole subject, all the symbols, and their sequence have important meanings, which must be imprinted with as much energy and symbolism as possible.

The matter is that experience in connection with Mysteries should be recognizable by next generations of those «who make the Path» through studying of the sources formulated by those who have passed and achieved earlier. Hence is the idea of documentation, as a fact of authenticity, in order that those who follow recognize, and were convinced of, their spiritual and occult experience.

It is necessary to say that «a meditative portrait», made for the first time by Lyudmila Yakovlevna and a painter Igor Matveev, is a part of a project whose meaning is to impress Ascending Meditation energies (level by level) and that imperceptibly thinnest, characteristic expression of the eyes of the meditating Master. Later the viewer becomes capable to recognize the level of this frequency (the vibrating activity of one or another centre) by the same method of ascension.

It is necessary to remember in this case an episode from Paramahansa* Ramakrishna's life.

His disciples have taken His picture in the state of Samadhi and later showed it to the Master. He instantly recognized the level of the Seventh Yogic Ascension. Such is the practical recognition of energy levels.

* Great Swan (Sanskrit)

The Masters considered creation of a new type of Icon as a «Window into the Heavenly World» (according to the famous expression of Saint John of Damascus) necessary and important. That type of Icon, in addition to being a documentary image, a "portrait" of a Spiritual Person (as an Icon should be), depicts all the necessary attributes and symbols of the meanings which are present in evidences. The appearing Spiritual Person – a Master or someone of the Members of the Hierarchy whom the disciple and the painter already knows – telepathically confirms His Identity. The subject trains the contacting chela – frequently through a mise-en-scene that has many meanings – in interpretation of the main ideological thoughts and the contact’s purpose. According to Mahatmas, for them the least energy expensive contacts in a dream – on the astral or the mental Plane, sometimes even higher (which is rare enough) - are the most acceptable and the least energy-losing contacts. However, the most important for the disciple and the painter remains to be recognition of his task in the process of magic imprinting, his liking for prayer and his responsiveness to energy.

The use of the latest achievements in the pictorial skill along with the use of the ancient masters’ methods (glazes, a dry-brush) is also important in this process.

It is clear that this spiritual task is intended to be a peculiar visual aid, a documentary evidence of the continuity of the thread of contact picked up by the advanced people (as the sixth subrace of the V-th race) in the highest meaning of this word.

Here we see the implementation of ancient prophecies about OUR COUNTRY. The horror of what is going on there is an evidence of a global Planetary Mystery of dividing the human race in two poles. The cult of money that has appeared in our territory is the most important factor of the WILL OF GOD. It is the dividing SWORD of the CHRIST, intended to divide goats (given themselves up to Mammon) and sheep (hearing the voice of their Shepherd). It is it which is the main mechanism of selection of Souls, and selection is the main method of evolution of species. Hence the key expressions of the World Saviour: «I will divide the wheat from tares», «He that is not with me is against me», «If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you… I am not of the world as ye are not of the world…».

Coming back to our subject, it is necessary to tell about the spiritual and mystery technique of organization of this project by Masters:

1. The incarnation of a senior Disciple in a female body and, thus, nurturing of a MOTHER who gives Spiritual birth (here the mystery of Immaculate Conception and birth is hidden). The great Divine Womb, the Bosom of the Mother of Spirit is the only Hierarchical method when the Christ is born in adult men and women gathered in a group (ashram) (LET US PUT ON THE CHRIST), i.e. a spiritual Illumination, an Initiation in God.

2. The visual part of the New Revelation is updated respectively in connection with «the Doctrine of the Eye» whereas the main Teaching is based on «the Doctrine of the Heart». Its updating consists in new forms of reflection elaborated by the Masters of the Hierarchy in connection with the latest requirements of work with humanity of all degrees and Disciples of the Kingdom of God. The forms are conditioned by the last cosmic energies of Aquarius. Here it is appropriate to remember a parable about «putting new wine into new bottles».

That is why, unlike the traditional iconography based mainly on symbols of the Mystery, the present stage is an exact and documental reflection of contacts in the subtle World, of meetings with the Guiding Masters who – while consciously training and influencing a disciple – understand that this contact is subject to a mystery imprinting, that its ultimate priority for seeking aspirants is to create a visual aid for Soul impressions to be used during their movement into God. That which has been seen is a real TRUTH.

The only and very important thing that must be emphasized here is that transforms of Mahatmas, or Spiritual Characters, are not finally impressed and subject to no changes. They are momentary reflections of cosmic energy combinations that are refracting through a prism of him who grasps. Hence all their fluidity. After all the events take place in the world of subtle matter. It accounts for all the infinite variety of visual transforms in human evidences. And it must be so.

Personifications of the portrayed Mahatmas have been initiated by the Hierarchy as a part of the Project of Initiation, in connection with the reappearance of the Bodhisattva (or His Second Coming). It makes the nest stage of the process of externalisation of the Hierarchy itself. Their every appearance – not simple appearance but influencing meeting and contact – has taken place at the WILL of a Mystery stage. Everything is conditioned by the Supreme Law of Marriage of «Heaven and Earth», «God and man». The necessary attributes shown by Masters, whenever possible are impressed symbolically on canvas. Their interpretation is mostly incumbent on him who is "contemplating" and "working" with images. Such is the mission of occult art: spiritual penetration and identification. Hence is the concept of a psi-resonator. Psychism* is a work with energies, underlying a work of art (which per se is only a formal and material resonator made by the method of "precipitation" on the dense physical plane.

P.S. In cases when comments and transcripts to the canvasses are absent, their polysyllabic names are hints and tips for those who can interpret what is here represented.

*Psyche - Soul (Greek)