It is already for more than 30 years that Alexander Rekunenko is a spiritual disciple of Lyudmila Yakovlevna Reznik, an absolute initiate of our time, and he owes her literally everything in this life (and in his previous lives too). Her phenomenal connection with the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, her Spiritual Motherhood and her writing in Spirit have given an opportunity to her devoted followers to proceed along the path of extending their Soul and Spiritual consciousness. Lyudmila Y. Reznik is the author of a series of books entitled Revelation of the Mystery. It discloses stages of the initiatory process of a group of disciples which the author belongs to.

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In January 2016 the third album by Alexandre Rekunenko, Art as theurgy. Artistic documentation in spiritual practice, has appeared. Theurgy, in theosophical sense, is the return into God, the fusion with God! Theurgic painting is one of the means of spiritual ascension and identification with a Holy image as a vehicle of energy, its vibration in the face, in the eyes reflecting the true psyche (Spirit-Soul).
The new album contains both paintings and drawings created over a many years' period of Spiritual practice of a theosophist working under the guidance of a True Energy Specialist and a Master of Wisdom Lyudmila YakovlevnaReznik.
This set of meditative drawings reproduces the cosmic movement and an alternation of astrological programs through the face of the Highly Initiated Master in the state of a meditative ascension Samadhi.

  • - Articles describing the paintings in two languages: Russian and English.
  • - 5 parts and the catalogue.
  • - 232 pages, hardcover
  • - 290220 cm
  • - ISBN 978-5-9905729-1-1
  • - The price of the album is 1000 rubles

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An author's album "Theurgical Art in the Epoch of the New Coming" is a synthesis of the Spiritual philosophy based on mysterial experience, and its expression by the means of fine arts. This Album of the Theurgical Painting is a product of 25-year work of an esotericisist, and its exoteric effect. The artist tried to show to the audience a system of Revelations which lead to a deeper comprehension of the Causality World, its influence upon all the spheres of our life as the World of effects of the Divine Presence and the Divine influence.

  • - Articles, descriptions of the pictures, accompanying texts in two languages: Russian and English.
  • - 5 parts and the catalogue.
  • - 208 pages (heavyweight paper 208 g/square metre) 4 pages cover (mat surface cardboard)
  • - size 31,023,5 cm, weight 1,5 kg
  • - ISBN-5-903377-01-7

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