2002. Canvas, oil
L. I. Reznik has energy-wise elevated the work

This work has been created under the impression of that which has been seen in spiritual evidence together with the necessary initiatory attributes which reveal the significance of the Central Character. The “title” of the One Initiator is conditioned by the role of Sanat Kumara in the act of Initiation. A Magic Crystal – a Rod of Power magnetized by the Solar Logos Himself in order to carry out transformative process on our planet called Initiation, occupies the main place there. Due to a superhuman voltage which influences all the centers and the whole subtle bodies’ structure there take place some changes in the atomic make-up of those bodies, and substitution of matter of a lower quality by that of a higher quality.

The One Initiator participates in three acts of Initiation when the matter of our vehicles (bodies) is to be wholly substituted – owing to radiation – by a so-called Atomic matter.

According to the Hindu iconographic tradition which represents Shiva as God the Father, Baby Skandha – His Divine Essence that is continually renewed, the Eternal Child and the Principle of Immortality of Deity Himself – is sitting on His Head. He who has had respective evidences knows His Wanton Temper and an incomprehensible quality of His Flesh, or, rather, His Spirit manifested as Flesh. His slightly “arch” manner of communication is unforgettable! Profundity of His Love and, at the same time, of His seriousness is utterly staggering.

The necessary "Characters" of the Fixed cross of heaven (Lion, Taurus, Aquarius, or Angel, and Scorpio, or Eagle) are the usual companions of the Father and the Initiator.

There is one more important feature: the red winged Angel of Aquarius cuts off with his wings the black lodge, the representatives of darkness, from participation in the central and inner life of Deity. This inaccess is a guarantee of a providential Victory of the Light Forces in the coming Age of Aquarius.