2003. Canvas, oil

This painting reminds of an ancient prophecy that the Salvation will come to the world from the East. Such prophecies should not be understood literally, in a historico-political or geographical sense; they concern the sacral geography or, more concretely, in our case – the concealed destiny of Russia.

The Light of Revelation of God comes to the West through Russia, that is why that prophecy takes on special significance for the whole world’s destinies. However, first of all, the matter concerns that which is true for our own Motherland which – according to many mystics and seers – receives the Light of Revelation directly from the Trans-Himalayan Source.

To understand definite forms of realization of this ancient prophecy a very mysterial saying in the apocryphal gospel according to Mary Magdalene seems very important: "The Christ will come without enemies, through the Mother of God…" How should we interpret it? That it was Mary who begat God the Holy Ghost? Here a more inclusive interpretation is possible which appeared in esoteric Christianity by the 20th century, namely that – according to the teaching of Gnostic Christians – the Mother of God is an "analogue" of the Holy Ghost and a divine "channel" of Spirit – the Feminine Person of the Holy Trinity.

It is in this mysterial fact that lies an incomprehensible secret of an ineffable unity of the Christ and the Mother of God, the secret of belief that it is She who is to become a Conqueror of evil during the Second Coming. This apocalyptic idea with an emphasis on the divine Mother Principle connects the Christian esotericism and an ancient Hindu cosmogonic myth about Vishnu, the god of universal Love, who has taken away Amrita – the nectar of immortality – from the semi-demons and Asuras. To do it he had to transform himself into a beautiful woman, and the Asuras-men have given it to her of their own accord.

It is important to use one more Hindu myth to understand the deepest meaning of the prophecy underlying this painting – the myth about creating goddess Devi-Kali from different attributes and parts of the bodies of god-men: Shiva, Vishnu, Indra… The only purpose of that divine act was to conquer the demon Mahisha who could not be conquered otherwise. It was only the fused feminine principle of them who could conquer the gods’ antipode – the indomitable demon.

In connection with our main subject, it can be useful to remember that Russia is – in metaphysical sense – a "feminine" country overshadowed and led by the Mother of God. The Christ Himself has said: And whosoever speaketh a word against God the Father and God the Son, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost – the Divine Mother, it shall not be forgiven him, as ancient Gnostics thought. All of it evidences a special and very sacral priority of the Feminine Principle. In that context Russia becomes an earthly step in the hierarchy of Spiritual Cosmos’ projections into the "dense and material" world of men. Let those who speak against true Holy Russia remember it!

The "resonant response" of all realities of the innermost being of Cosmos can be also seen in the prophecy of Daniel Andreev about the coming era of the Mother of the World. It contains a secret of the Divine Idea in connection with the Christ’s Second Coming too.

It is these thoughts which have been symbolically expressed in this picture. From behind the holy Himalayan Mountains, an abode of the Immortal Ones, the Face of Righteousness ascends. It is the Christ as a Savior, and – what is more important – as a Guardian – in a feminine image, though, or in a "Feminine Transform", as some esoteric schools say holding in mind conventionality of our ideas about the male and feminine principle in connection with the Celestial World. It is clear that both the picture "A Vision: Rising Sun of Righteousness" and this commentary can only be understood as an individual author’s interpretation of ancient prophecies and teachings. However, all of those images and nuances of meaning come from deep egregorial sources which the author has received from somebody higher than himself…