Не was born in 1955 and graduated from the painting department of the Surikov Moscow Art Institute. He is a member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA) and since 1982 takes part at the Exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Russia.

His works have been reproduced in the following magazines: Science and ReligionCapricePower of SpiritSocium, etc. The artist's pictures are presented in the art album Gods' Actions and the personal album The Divine Painting of Russia 1994.

Some art collections in Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Austria, USA, Japan, etc. include his paintings.

Alexander Rekunenko has dedicated his creative activity to the mysterial art based on the Mahatmas’ teachings, The Bible and mythological sources of ancient Greece and Orient, mainly the Indian source.

The creative process of the author is based on the practice of energy interactions through ascending meditation and consequent registration through the subject of the composition.

It is already for more than 30 years that Alexander Rekunenko is a spiritual disciple of Lyudmila Yakovlevna Reznik, a perfect initiate of our time, and owes her literally everything in this life (and in his previous lives too). Her phenomenal connection with the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, her Spiritual Motherhood and her writing in Spirit have given an opportunity to proceed along the path of extending their Soul and Spiritual consciousness to her devoted followers. Lyudmila Yakovlevna is the author of a series of books entitled “Revelation of Mystery”. It discloses stages of the initiatory process of a group of disciples to which the author belongs.